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MCI Wins Knowledge Award

MCI Wins Knowledge Award MCI Wins Knowledge Award

Iran’s largest mobile network provider has won an award for its contribution to the development of knowledge-based industries. Mohammad Atoofi, director of marketing and sales at MCI, was on hand to take the award during a ceremony hosted by Sharif University. The MAKE awards are designed to work as a system to enhance customers’ services for different sectors and is the first time a telephony company has won the prize. The MAKE awards are hosted by the international KNOW Network, claims to be a global web based professional sharing network. Its principal aim is to help business create better levels of performance across organizations by building know-how and skills of world-class knowledge enterprises. In recent months, both major mobile telephone providers have increased their services to customers as reports suggest that number porting – the service in which customers can transfer their cell number – will begin in the next Persian year. Both MCI and Irancell have begun operations like the introduction of 3G and LTE technology along with special offers to keep customers on their respective networks.