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IME Awash With Iron Ore

IME Awash  With Iron OreIME Awash  With Iron Ore

The Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME)’s export trading floor featured 100,000 tons of iron ore concentrate, with the base price of $24 per ton, offered by Sangan Iron Ore Complex at Monday trade. According to IME public relations office, 24,700 tons of various grades of bitumen were also offered on the same floor. Meanwhile, close to 44,400 tons of bitumen was offered by Pasargad Oil Company and Jey Oil Refining Company on the oil and petrochemical trading floor, which also played host to 2,000 tons of lube-cut oil, 3,000 tons of sulfur and 20,397 tons of 36 types of polymers. Mobarakeh Steel Company offered 34,000 tons of hot-rolled sheet type C, with the base price of 17,077 rials per kg, 23,000 tons of hot-rolled type B, 4,500 tons of galvanized sheet, 5,000 tons of cold-rolled sheet type B, and 2,500 tons of tin-plated sheet on the industrial and mining trading floor.  Furthermore, the industrial and mining trading floor played host to 60 tons of copper wire, priced at 202,837 rials per kg, offered by Kaveh Copper Industries Company, as well as 10 kg of various gold bullions from Mouteh Gold Complex.  Elsewhere, the agricultural trading floor recorded the offering of 113,645 tons of corn, 50 tons of Indian soybean meal, 3,000 tons of rice, 1,000 tons of white sugar, and 35 tons of barely.