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Gov’t Direction in 2015-16 Budget

Gov’t Direction in 2015-16 Budget
Gov’t Direction in 2015-16 Budget

The government has said due to the relative improvement in some economic indicators, its approach towards the next year’s budget is aimed at maintaining the status quo.

The administration’s draft budget for the next year, which starts March 21, 2015, focuses on the following as its main objectives:

  To stick to the guidelines outlined in the “resistance economy,” the directives of the Economic Council and the government which include a set of measures to exit recession.

  To grab global and regional opportunities and create further capacities to expand economic and political ties with neighboring countries.

  To actively interact with the world and adopt a détente policy to have a more effective presence on the international and regional sphere.

  To increase and diversify income resources and optimize management skills in a bid to cut spending, and organizing the acquisition of capital assets and budgeting process of departments and agencies.

 To pave the ground for establishment of performance-based budgeting.

  To develop role playing of the private sector in economy, especially in public services.

  To handle government debts to fulfill its commitments to the private sector.

  To improve justice by focusing on people’s purchasing power and social welfare, especially for the low income population.

  To further curb inflation.

  To develop a more transparent economy, reduce the government’s intervention in the decision making process in businesses, improve the business environment and facilitate provision of public services.

 To continue with the subsidy reform plan.

  To promote the “Jihad” management culture.

  To improve ethical standards in the society and raising public awareness.

  To continue with the healthcare reform plan.

  To improve security inside the country and in the region.

  To further protect the environment and try to revive natural resources.

  To try to reduce pollution in big cities.