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Soft, Mineral Products Neck & Neck at IME

Soft, Mineral Products  Neck & Neck at IMESoft, Mineral Products  Neck & Neck at IME

More than 80,000 metric tons of different soft commodities were offered in Iran Mercantile Exchange on Tuesday, IME’s Public Relations and Foreign Affairs reported. According to the report, the soft commodities offered on agricultural products trading floor included two types of domestic rice, chickpea, flint corn, and white sugar. The industrial and mineral trading floor was as active as the agricultural floor with 80,682 tons of different commodities offered including 5 kilograms of gold from Muteh Mine, 200 tons of aluminum ingots from Iralco, 35,000 tons of steel blooms, 45,482 tons of rebar bundles and beam from Esfahan Steel Company (ESC). The ESC also expressed readiness to offer another 119,882 tons of steel products on demand. Other commodities at the IME on Tuesday trading included 112,150 tons of oil and petrochemical products as well as 164 tons of scrap iron offered by Iran Railway Company.