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Tehran University Graces New 50,000 Rial Banknote

Tehran University Graces New 50,000 Rial Banknote
Tehran University Graces New 50,000 Rial Banknote

A new banknote was unveiled on Monday, replacing the nuclear energy sign with a depiction of Tehran University’s main gate on the note’s reverse. The new note will go into print in spring.

The main gate of the university with its specific design and modern architecture (on Enghelab Street as the main campus) is the logo of the university.

Due to the importance of the university, its gates have gradually become the symbol of Iran’s higher education system.

However, the gates are depicted on the reverse on the Iranian 500 rial note. Now they will grace the 50,000 rial note, which are the second largest denomination in circulation.

The University of Tehran is Iran’s oldest modern university. Based on its historical, socio-cultural and political pedigree, as well as its research and teaching profile, the university has been nicknamed “The mother university of Iran” and it is the symbol of higher education in Iran. It is almost always ranked as the best university in Iran in national and international rankings.

Its main entrance was designed in 1965 by Kourosh Farzami, a student of the faculty of Fine Arts at the same university. The structural engineer was Simon Sarkissian, an Armenian-Iranian citizen.

The new note was unveiled on the 80th anniversary of the approval of the university’s charter.

Previousely, 50,000 rial depicted a map of Iran with an emblem of an atom in the middle.