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Google May Enter Iran, Official Suggests

Google May Enter Iran, Official Suggests Google May Enter Iran, Official Suggests

The government has suggested it may allow US internet giants like Google to operate in the country if they respect the laws, Fars news agency reported, citing a senior official.

“We are not opposed to any of the entities operating in global markets who want to offer services in Iran,” Nasrollah Jahangard, deputy telecommunications and information technology minister, told the agency. “We are ready to negotiate with them and if they accept to respect our cultural rules and policies, they can offer their services in Iran,” he added.

The official went to say that the government is ready to provide Google or any large tech company with the “facilities” that would ease their access to the much ignored Iranian market.

Jahangard also noted that other companies from outside the US have begun negotiations to enter the Iranian market once the economic and political conditions become better.

Economic sanctions imposed by the West on Iran over its nuclear energy program have affected Tehran’s interaction with the world.  

“They are waiting for the international legal conditions to be cleared before they can operate conveniently [in Iran] but other companies outside the US have come forward and started negotiations,” he added.

The official didn’t go into the details of the companies nor did he name them but it is likely to be either European or Chinese web companies who would rush into the Iranian market.

Other hi-tech companies have begun to look at Iran as a market of great returns. Rocket Internet, a billion dollar Germany IT firm, which uses the same business plan in all emerging markets, has jointly invested in Iran with apps like Taxiyaab and Bodofood.