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Local Search Engine Viewed Negatively

Local Search Engine Viewed NegativelyLocal Search Engine Viewed Negatively

A member of an influential committee on technology in the Iranian capital has stated that the reason most people choose to ignore locally made search engines –like – is because of people’s perception of the sites, according to Webna.

Farhad Aliashi, a member of a sub-committee for Information Technology in Tehran (NASR), told the online news agency the Iranians won’t use these new local variants because they perceive the site to be filtering search results. He went on to say that this misconception about the local search engine is hampering its growth.

Aliashi also pointed to people’s hesitation in using the site, as they perceived it to be created by government agencies and not a private enterprise. This again he points out is another misconception by local internet users.

The computing expert added that the Tehran Committee of Computing Software said that people’s perceptions and the government’s agenda are often misinterpreted. He said the original reason the government dictated that a local search engine be created was that users could find more locally specific searches.

He also criticized the authorities saying that ultimately the site has received a poor reception and government grants to help set the site up have been wasted as most people continue to use competitors like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Online webpage ranking company, Alexa confirms the statement saying that and Gorgor are low ranking compared to the more established American search providers. Yooz was ranked 189th most viewed site within Iran whilst Gorgor trailed with a lower score of 2,586.

In comparison to Gorgor which has existed for over 12 months, Yooz’s ranking has improved being viewed thousands of times in the past months, according to