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Telecom Firms Awarded

Telecom Firms AwardedTelecom Firms Awarded

MCI (Hamra-e-Aval) and MTN-Irancell have announced that they have been presented with awards for excellence in customer care and information technology.

Both companies won their awards at the 14th conference of the protection of consumer rights, held on Saturday night at the Olympic Hotel in Tehran.  MCI won four-star medal for best mobile operator in the quality of their ICT awards, according to the company’s website.

Senior officials of the oldest mobile telecoms giants were there to pick up the award from the government-sponsored event.

The ICTINQA (ICT of Iran National Quality Award) is based on a national evaluation of the model of Iran’s local ICT sector and benchmarks the leading companies against each other.

MTN-Irancell also gained an award for their contribution to consumer rights in the Iranian market. MTN received an overall score of 4 stars for its contribution to customer services.

Rightel, Iran’s newest mobile operator, running a 3G only service has not released information regarding the event. Taliya, Iran’s second older operator, has not released any information regarding customer satisfaction either.

All four major networks are preparing for a future deregulation of the mobile telephone market, with number porting and a possible fifth operator license for 4G services being offered by the ministry of telecommunications in the new Iranian year. At the end of November 2014, the ministry granted both MCI and Irancell licenses to offer third and fourth generation mobile phone services to compete with growing competition from the 3G only Rightel.