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MyCell Mobile Service Launched

MyCell Mobile Service LaunchedMyCell Mobile Service Launched

Iran’s largest mobile phone line provider MCI or Hamrae-Aval has announced it is launching a new online service called “My Portal Account” via their own website, according to the company’s PR department.

The latest service allows users of the large network to pay for and control their account via the online portal. The company states, under their trial version which has just finished, customers were able to benefit from the free-to-use service. It also allows users to access the service in the English language.

MCI has recently stepped up efforts to improve its service due to the increase in competition in the mobile phone market from major rivals including MTN-Irancell and Rightel. In the coming months all three major networks will begin procedures to allow customers to port their numbers to each other’s network and this current upswing in improvements of service are being seen by some in the technologies industry.