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Bank Sepah Announces Network Upgrade

Bank Sepah Announces Network UpgradeBank Sepah Announces Network Upgrade

The IT services director of Bank Sepah has announced that the bank will roll out a new ATM service in the coming weeks, Banker reported on Saturday.

Hossein Salavati said the oldest Iranian bank will now provide deposit services on many of their current automatic teller machines among other services. The director went on to say that customers (with ID) can access many features currently unavailable in many banks.

Also customers can now receive direct payments from the social security organization, he noted. In addition to the more accessible use of service, customers can now make direct charity payments through the bank’s ATM service.

Bank Sepah is the first Iranian bank, and it was established in 1925. Its first branch, in Rasht, opened that year.

The bank also has branches in Frankfurt, Paris and Rome as well as a subsidiary, Bank Sepah International plc, in London. “Sepah” is the poetic Persian rendering for “Army”. The Bank was named so because its capital was provided by the Army Pension Fund.