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IME Bustling Trading Day

IME Bustling Trading Day
IME Bustling Trading Day

Close to 36 types of various commodities were offered in Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) in a busy trading day on Saturday, IME’s Public Relations and Foreign Affairs reported.

The oil and petrochemical trading floor featured 32,334 tons of different chemicals and polymers offered by local petrochemical complexes. Styrene butadiene rubber, styrene monomer, hydrochloric acid, poly vinyl chloride, slaps wax, caustic soda, terephthalic acid, polyethylene, and polybutadiene rubber, were among the commodities offered there. Moreover, 22,000 tons of vacuum bottoms offered by Esfahan Refining Company and Bandar Abbas Refining Company, 42,600 tons of various grades of bitumen, and 1,500 tons of sulfur were offered to local customers.

Meanwhile, close to 10,400 tons of bitumen 6070 was offered on the export trading floor to be traded in overseas markets.

Esfahan Steel Company offered 4,500 tons of billets, 3,575 tons of I-beams, and 1,859 tons of mixed rebar bundles on the industrial and mining trading floor.

Elsewhere, the agricultural trading floor played host to 24,750 tons of chickpeas supplied by local producers. In addition, 62,000 tons of corn, and 4,000 tons of frozen chicken were put up on the board of the same floor.

Overall, the IME featured 212,000 tons of various commodities on Saturday.