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Steel Retirees Overdue Pensions

Steel Retirees Overdue PensionsSteel Retirees Overdue Pensions

The deputy head of steel employees’ pension fund says the steel industry’s retirees will receive their overdue pensions by the end of the current Iranian year (ending March 20), Fooladnews reported. According to Ne’matollah Shahbazi, last month’s pensions have been paid to 70% of the retirees and the remaining 30% will be paid in a few days. Since three years ago, the payment of pensions to steel retirees has been marred by delays, which got worse over the past three months. The retirees held a sit-in outside the parliament building on Wednesday in protest, saying they had not been paid their pensions for three months, urging the parliament to enforce the budget laws of the past two years. Shahbazi vowed that there would be no more delays in paying the pensions as of March 21.