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New Web Design Site

New Web Design SiteNew Web Design Site

Website designing in Iran has had a long and tortuous history. Some might say that good website design in the country is anathema to the general populous. And you couldn’t agree more when it comes to some high profile websites.

Iranians in general have had to contend with slow internet speeds up until this year and web design in general wasn’t seen as a major prerequisite to a company’s external profile. However, this is beginning to change with Web 2.0 quality websites becoming more commonplace amongst the tech-savvy companies in major urban centers.

A new company called (yarn in English) has filled the creative void with their own website building software. The new company, originally covered on last week can create a whole host of different websites styles and platforms from its own in-house themes and styles.

The website states that it has created its service for “busy people” who cannot afford nor have time to employ a full-time web designer.

Registering for the site seems straight forward enough, in our tests at the Financial Tribune, we noticed it is quite a straight forward procedure. Signing up for the site gives you a free 45 day trial period upon which you can decide to keep the site or not.

Camva’s prices are quite fair too, considering the average GDP in Iran. 2.5 million rials will buy you a year’s subscription to the service, website template, hosting and an .ir domain suffix.

 The 2.5 million price seems to be the only one they offer at the moment with more likely to come online as the site develops.

The yarn service is not something new to the English speaking world, and many sites like it have been running for the past few years.

 Most notable of these international sites is and which allow users to pick from a range of free and premium template designs. It also allows users to add their own unique domain name, to list just a few of its services.

The website usability seems to be intuitive and considering pre-made platforms are new to people inside Iran, Camva should be off to a good start with their offering.