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Brand Conference in Tehran

Brand Conference in Tehran
Brand Conference in Tehran

The 9th International Brand Conference opens at IRIB International Conference Center in Tehran on Tuesday with special focus on the role and position of national branding in export development and attracting foreign investments. A number of Iranian and foreign professors are expected to attend the two-day conference and present papers on branding.

Promoting and developing the knowledge of brand management; interaction between the domestic brand-owners, investors and the government authorities; exchange of knowledge and experience between branding specialists; underscoring the importance of brands and encouraging national companies to resort to branding; and achieving sustainable development through branding strategies are some of the main objectives of the conference.

The main topics for the conference include: The role of branding to explain the objectives of “resistance economy” policy and export development; role of art, culture and media in creating national brands; and corporate social responsibility (CSR) of brands.  

Deputy health minister and the head of Food and Drug Organization, Rasoul Dinarvand is the chairperson for the 9th international brand conference policy council.

Exhibitions, workshops and specialized panels and seminars have also been scheduled to run on the sidelines of the event.