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Confab on Capital, Money Markets in March

Confab on Capital, Money Markets in MarchConfab on Capital, Money Markets in March

A conference on the development of financial innovation in Iran will take place on March 1, according to the news website, Banker.

The conference, set to be held at Sharif University in conjunction with the Islamic Development Bank, aims to look at the strategic measures needed to enhance Iran’s capital and banking markets.

The Banker report goes on to say the two-day conference will provide an opportunity for managers and experts in the financial industries to highlight points, and also provide an introduction to the industry. Hossein Razavi, a World Bank senior advisor, said the importance of holding such a gathering for experts and international investors is to gain valid financial figures.

A main area is the development of a comprehensive plan of resistance which ties into the directive given by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayotallah Seyed Ali Khamenei over the past year to create a self-sufficient and robust internal economy. Other issues like macroeconomic policies, upstream investments and functions of institutions will also be on the agenda through the event.