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Extra Working Hours for Bank Mellat

Extra Working Hours for Bank MellatExtra Working Hours for Bank Mellat

As the New Year (Norouz) is approaching, Bank Mellat’s board of directors ordered all branches in Tehran and other cities to operate over hours (except for Thursdays).

The decision was made due to the increase in transactions in the last month of the year. As of February 23 until March 18, the evening shift at Mellat branches has been extended three extra hours.

The regular ending hours of the branches are 2:30 pm with the exception of certain branches that are open until 4 pm.

Although Thursday is considered an off day, the last Thursday of the year (March 19), all branches shall be open until 5 pm.    

The New Year in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan starts on March 21.

Bank Mellat ranked first among Iranian lenders this year, according to the Industrial Management Institute.

The lender also came sixth in sales and took the fifth spot in terms of generating added value on the IMI100 List.

Mellat is a private bank, established in 1980, as a merger of ten pre-Revolution private banks.

It is one of the largest commercial banks in Iran, ranking among the top 1,000 banks of the world.

It currently holds 1.39 quadrillion rials ($40.6 billion at market rate) in assets.