Best Performing  Industries  in TSE
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Best Performing Industries in TSE

The telecommunications industry has topped the best performing industries of the Tehran Stock Exchange during the sixth month of the Iranian calendar (Shahrivar), which ended September 22.
The industry reported 68.4 percent increase in earnings. The coal extraction industry, wooden commodities and printing and publication industry stood next in the monthly ranking, SENA reported.
The coal extraction industry, recorded a 26.5 gains, while lumber increased earnings by 18 percent and printing and publication recorded 16 percent rise in profits.
 Among the 39 industries in the TSE, 25 industries failed to make fair gains and stood in red with negative earnings, while 9 industries outperformed their expected forecasts and made their investors end trade in a good mood. The other industries didn’t have noticeable changes compared to last month figures.
The SENA report says, rubber and plastic industry and pharmaceuticals were the most profitable industries by 7.8 and 5.5 percent earnings for their investors within last month, while petroleum products and financial intermediaries recorded close to one percent rise in earnings.
Among the worst performers at the equity market, engineering services recorded the lowest gains in trades with more than 10 percent negative earnings. Tannery with 9.4 percent, non-metallic minerals with 8.6 percent, mass building with 8.5 percent, metals with 6.8 percent, and paper products with 5.5 percent drubbing comprised the rest of loss-making industries in the equity market within the same period.
According to the report, the TSE main index (TEDPIX) plunged 2220 points or 3 percent to end the month at 71,686. The first market index lost 1669 points and touched 52,676. The second market index slipped 4163 points to 141,835.
The trading volume and value were both negative as they dipped 8.5 and 5.9 percent respectively compared to last month, while there were more trading days this month than last month.
Investors reasonably tend to the industries outperformed as they are exhausted with sluggish trading days and the money they have lost to the long negative market trend during the past six months.
As a procedure to feel safe in the stock market, individual investors should precisely analyze the listed companies in the TSE, where they will be the winner at the end and won’t feel nervous over potential uncertainties related to companies’ performance.
The industries outperformed should be the on the spotlight for either the industries or investors.
Staying focused on a certain market but diversified in industries is a key to succeed. Analysts strongly believe that investors should stay diversified across a variety of asset classes. By working closely with their financial advisor, they can help ensure that the portfolio is properly diversified and that their financial plan supports their long-term goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk, though diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.
The equity market is steady now, though shaky investors would feel bad dizzy about their losses. But the market doesn’t seem to be falling down to intensify the concerns as most of the shares are at the rock-bottom price.

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