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CII Launching New Monitoring System

CII Launching New Monitoring System CII Launching New Monitoring System

The Central Insurance of Iran (CII) or Bimeh Markazi has completed a new system known as ‘SANHAB’, through which the activities of all insurance companies can closely be monitored.

The new system will soon be up and running.

CII’s headquarters for information and technology on Saturday announced that studies to identify monitoring indices began in October 2013.

According to CII’s public relations, with the vision to accurately monitor all insurance activities, different systems were consecutively introduced.

The new online system will make possible the tracking of data related to sales networks, clients who have registered for loss assessment, customer complaints, and financial supervision systems.

Additionally, using this new system CII can access data provided by the traffic police, thus insurance companies can access vehicle records by logging in their number plates.

Therefore, vehicle registration cards, the amount of fines paid during the past four years, all misdemeanors and penalties, and whether a driving license is officially registered can all be verified.    

Given the need for multilateral and systematic cooperation between all affiliated organizations, SANHAB also features an exclusive system through which drivers’ identities can be verified.