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Gold Expo in Tehran

Gold Expo  in TehranGold Expo  in Tehran

The Gold Expo 2015, known as an international exhibition of gold, silver, jewellery, watch and related industries, kicked off in Tehran on Thursday.  About 130 Iranian firms and six foreigners from Britain, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates are present at the event, showcasing their latest designs and achievements, said Ebadollah Mohammadvali, chairman of the Gold and Jewelry Producers and Exporters Association. “Gold industries can generate foreign currency revenue for the country and compensate for the reduced oil revenues,” Mehr news agency quoted him as saying.  He also blamed the smuggling of low-quality products and lack of a database for gold deals as problems that should be addressed if the industry it to boom.  The exhibition will remain open to the public until Feb. 16 in Tehran Permanent International Fair Ground.