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Pickup Trucks Production Rises

Pickup Trucks Production RisesPickup Trucks Production Rises

The production of pickup trucks by Iran Khodro (IKCO) during the 10th month of the current Iranian year (a period spanning from December 22 to January 20) indicated a 23.2% growth in comparison with the similar period last year, ISNA reported. During the month, IKCO manufactured 8,577 pickup trucks. Zamyad Company, however, produced 2,338 pickup trucks during the same month, registering a 5.2% decline compared to the same month last year. Bonro Company indicated the highest growth, manufacturing 1,758 vehicles, compared to 865 in the same month last year. Saipa also showed a 33.7% growth by producing 4,452 pickup trucks, while the figure was 3,331 in the 10th month of last year. Diar Khodro and Bahman were other companies, apart from Zamyad, which indicated negative growths in producing pickup trucks, as they witnessed 50% and 3.6% declines respectively.