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Rial Higher

Rial HigherRial Higher

The US dollar along with a basket of major currencies depreciated against the rial over the first two working days of the Iranian week, with private bueraux de change in Tehran trading the dollar for less than 34,000 rials, a record in recent weeks. The American currency fell on speculation that Iran and the P5+1 are closer to a deal over Tehran’s nuclear energy program. The riaI stood at 33,890 against the dollar at 14:30 Tehran time on Sunday, appreciating by 300 in one day. In compassions to the greenback, the value of British Pound Sterling also fell 170 rials standing at 52,500 rials in Tehran’s Ferdowsi Street. The euro also depreciated against Iranian currency, being traded at 38,900 rials, down by 350 rials compared to Saturday.