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Irancell Continues Charge Against Rivals

Irancell Continues Charge Against RivalsIrancell Continues Charge Against Rivals

Iran’s second largest provider of mobile phone line and internet services has announced it has upgraded Iran’s southern Persian Gulf city of Bandar-Abbas and surrounding areas to 4G LTE internet services at a conference in the city on Wednesday the PR office for the company announced.

MTN-Irancell said that the Persian Gulf islands of Kish and Qeshm have also been upgraded to support third-generation telephony services. The network said it hopes to broaden its fast internet connection in other areas of Hormozgan province also.

At the event in Bandar Abbas, company representatives announced that their 4G LTE speed reaches an upload speed 105 Mbps over its new LTE service.  

The main speaker at the opening event said the company hopes to cover the entire province with 4G technology by the end of the year.

Irancell has consistently stayed ahead of its rival MCI (Hamre-Aval) in recent months since the granting of licenses for the services by the Rouhani administration.

 MCI, the national telecom’s main mobile provider has also begun operation to roll out their 3 and 4G services, however reports from around the country suggest MCI has had trouble upgrading their existing infrastructure due to technical difficulties including staffing issues.