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Mellat Gives Qeshm Special ID Cards

Mellat Gives Qeshm Special ID CardsMellat Gives Qeshm Special ID Cards

Bank Mellat is offering Qeshm islanders special cards to provide better banking and identification services to the islanders.

Qeshm Free Zone authorities are cooperating with Bank Mellat in a bid to raise living standards in the island with hopes of attracting skilled population to help expand the island’s economy.

Islanders can use the cards for identification, like national ID cards, and also for receiving banking services in any of the Mellat’s branches.

Qeshm is an Persian Gulf island, a few kilometers off the southern coast of Iran, in the Strait of Hormuz, housing just over 113,000 full time residents.

One of the many benefits of Qeshm Island is that it is a visa-free entry site. Recently Qeshm Free Zone Managing Director Ahmad Habibi said that foreign nationals can now enter the island without holding visa, adding that foreigners may extend their two-week stay in the free zone.

Qeshm became a “Trade and Industrial Free Area” with the goal of creating the largest free area between Europe and the Far East.

It has been given considerable leeway to set its own policies, independent of the government, which had often been seen as an impediment to growth in many sectors of the economy.

Moreover, the Island retains the advantages associated with its connection to the mainland, including the rights to explore and develop oil and gas.

Mellat is a private Iranian bank, established in 1980, after the merger of ten pre-revolution private banks. It is one of the largest commercial banks, ranking among the top 1,000 of the world.