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Ushering Out CBI Retirees

Ushering Out CBI Retirees Ushering Out CBI Retirees

To prepare the grounds for new recruits, Central Bank Governor Valiollah Seif has recently decided to usher out banking executives with the bank whose end of service terms has long been overdue. When Seif first took office he assigned several retirees to top executive positions, according to TNA. Old-timers Hossein Habibi and Reza Ansari were assigned as parliamentary representative and head of foreign affairs respectively. Both officials no longer serve with the CBI and have officially retired. It seems as though Seif no longer plans to extend retirees’ service terms, the report said. Other notable retirees now holding office include Hamid Tehranfar as banking supervision deputy and Gholamlai Kamyab as deputy for foreign exchange.