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Startups Reinventing Management

Startups Reinventing ManagementStartups Reinventing Management

A new online startup based in Tehran aims to tackle office inefficiency and communications with their new online platform. The new online platform called Taskulu attempts to tackle inefficiency in the workplace by combining many of the tasks that would usually run independently from each other.

The new startup is currently run by undergraduate students of Amir Kabir University of Technology. Founding members of the team include Farhad Hedayati and joint CEO and Kazem Keshavarz, who also have support team of front and back end developers and marketers.

The Financial Tribune managed to catch up with one of Taskulu’s co-founders, Hedayati, who gave us an overview at a startup event last week on his potentially groundbreaking system. He went on to show us the key points of his new office software and said that his team of indigenous expert web developers and programmers are attempting to shake up communications and project management patterns. The program consists of a centralized and unified management platform that seeks to enhance and speed up cross-communication between users.

The clever thing we noticed on demonstration is that this startup is squarely aiming their product and all electronic items and not just mobile or desktop. When questioned why we need another management software, Heydayati responded that companies around the world on average use 7.4 tools for managing teams and projects. He added that in the US this would equate to a $26 thousand bill for each employer.  

Hedayati said that his startup has been developing Taskulu for the past two years. He said he came up with the idea after having to use so many separate software applications for different tasks. He added, “It was just too hard to jump from one system to another.”

When questioned on what his competition is, he said they are the first company in Iran developing the software from scratch and he is attempting to take on more established companies based in the US like Trello. Whether Taskulu manages to grab the comprehensive time management and organization problems that plague the modern workforce remains to be seen.

The startup intends to offer a basic user platform for free, and then $5 a month and higher depending on the demand of the number of users within a certain group. In a press release by the company they state that they currently have 3,500 users registered and plan to increase that as time goes on.  

Taskulu is in the initial groups of start-up companies working with Tehran’s accelerator program, Avatech. As part of the fledgling business accelerator program, new budding businesses are offered an initial round of funding called “seed funding,” which starts their business. The accelerator also mentors the new business owners and steers them through the pitfalls of new business startups.

The accelerator is the second currently running in Tehran with the first being MAPS which is currently going through its initial round of mentoring.