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Dwindling Demand for Cement

Dwindling Demand  for CementDwindling Demand  for Cement

The ongoing construction slump due to the prevailing recession in the housing sector has led to a remarkable decrease in demand for cement; ISNA quoted Abdol-Reza Sheikhan, secretary of cement association as saying. Clinker export posted a 37 percent growth during the first nine months of the current year, which ends March 21, however cement export posted a 10 percent decline, said Sheikhan adding that the overall export of clinker and cement remained unchanged during the period”. Sheikhan also noted that more than 51 million metric tons of cement were supplied over the period, however close to 9 percent were exported. In addition, more than 56 million tons of clinker were manufactured over the period, and about 4.5 million tons were exported. Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Persian Gulf countries, Egypt and CIS countries have been the main destinations for Iranian cement.