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SAIPA Starts Quick’s Delayed Presales

SAIPA Starts Quick’s Delayed PresalesSAIPA Starts Quick’s Delayed Presales

SAIPA started presales of its latest hatchback model Quick on Tuesday.

The presales were to start last November, but at the time SAIPA boss Qasem Jahroudi said, “The presales are being delayed because the vehicle’s quality must be reexamined.”

According to the company’s website, Quick is priced between 329 and 420 million rials ($7,600 and $9,700) depending on options.

Car buyers should pay 190 to 210 million rials ($4,400-$4,800) as down paymentl. Customers will receive 15% interest on the down payment until the time of delivery. The company has announced a late delivery date and buyers will have to wait for 70 to 250 days.

Quick is equipped with a 1.5-liter, 87-hp engine. The car has two different gearboxes: manual or automatic 5-speed continuously variable transmission (CVT).

According to the company, Quick is based on SAIPA Tiba hatchback but the vehicles exterior design is reminiscent of China’s Brilliance models.

The vehicle has also been dressed down by the Persian Academy of Language and Literature over its name. The influential institute says that the vehicle’s name has zero context in Persian.

Considering the high price for a small mediocre city hatchback, market watchers say Quick will not be as quick in attracting buyers!

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