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Oghab Afshan Unveils Minibus

The minibus is imported from Turkey as CKDs.The minibus is imported from Turkey as CKDs.

Domestic automotive company, Oghab Afshan Industrial and Manufacturing Company, has introduced its ‘Navigo’ minibus and is promoting the vehicle as ‘eco-friendly’.

The model was unveiled at the Kish Ideal City Expo (Dec. 31 to Jan. 3) on southern Kish Island, local automotive website Khodro Nevis reported.

Oghab Afshan CEO Behrooz Moradi says, “The minibus is equipped with an enhanced environment-friendly engine and can help curb air pollution in the major urban areas.”

Reportedly, Navigo complies with Euro 5 standards and will be commercially available by October. It is a low-floor passenger carrier that can accommodate wheelchair users. The minibus comes in two models (25 and 21 seater) and is equipped with Fiat’s famous “low-carbon” 4500cc EEV5 engine.

The minibus is imported from Turkey in completely knocked down kits as part of an agreement signed between Oghab Afshan and Turkey’s Otokar Otomotiv ve Savunma Sanayi A.S. (better known as Otokar) in December 2016.

Earlier in November, the company unveiled a new bus called ‘Parsin’ which is also said to be eco-friendly and supposedly meets Euro 6 emission standards. It comes with a 9-liter CNG-based Scania engine partnered with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Oghab Afshan is one of the major domestic bus and minibus companies with a 53% share of the local market. During the eight months to Nov. 21, the company assembled/produced 953 units including buses and minibuses.

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