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No Intercity Ride-Hailing Services for Iran

No Intercity Ride-Hailing Services for IranNo Intercity Ride-Hailing Services for Iran

Head of Iran Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization says that ride-hailing services will not be allowed to offer intercity services. Davood Keshavarzian is of the opinion that allowing firms like Snapp and Tap30 to offer such services “will have a negative impact both on the sector and the environment,” ISNA reported. A major share of Iran’s passenger transport belongs to intercity buses. Keshavarzian says carrying 40 passengers that a bus can accommodate would require at least 12 cars. “This would increase traffic and fuel consumption and consequently worsen air pollution.” He said an intercity bus on average burns 30 liters per 100 km. This is while 12 cars would need 100 liters of fuel to cover the same distance.

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