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DHL to Test Self-Driving Trucks

DHL to Test Self-Driving TrucksDHL to Test Self-Driving Trucks

Self-driving trucks are quickly catching up with self-driving cars in terms of hype and interest from developers. Logistics giant DHL believes the arrival of autonomous trucks is inevitable, and is already planning for them. In a blog post, DHL Chief Commercial Officer Bill Meahl said failure to acknowledge this trend could be a “costly mistake,” MSN reported. DHL plans to begin testing autonomous delivery vehicles, including automated versions of its small Street Scooter electric vans, next year. While these tests will likely involve local deliveries, DHL believes big Class 8 semi trucks will eventually become automated as well, but not for a long time. Trucks will not be completely driverless at first, Meahl said. He envisioned an autopilot system that more or less takes control of the vehicle while the driver monitors things and stays ready to take over when needed.


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