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Electricity Generating Speed Bumps

Electricity Generating Speed BumpsElectricity Generating Speed Bumps

Engineers from Amirkabir University of Technology have designed speed bumps, which harvest solar power and kinetic energy from the passing traffic and produce electric energy. “The bump is a hybrid power generator comprising solar panels and piezoelectric elements,” ISNA quoted the project director Amir Kazemi-Fard as saying. When a vehicle crosses the speed bump, a mechanical system absorbs its kinetic energy and transforms it into electrical power. The system can be used for powering street lamps and traffic lights. It is yet to undergo field trials. Kazemi-Fard said the system is fully designed by Amirkabir researchers. Similar products are already available in other countries. Power generation from clean resources is getting some long-awaited attention in Iran. Road traffic lights in several areas are supplied by solar panels.


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