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Tehran Bus Advertising Becomes an Infringement

Tehran Bus Advertising Becomes an InfringementTehran Bus Advertising Becomes an Infringement

A Tehran City Council member has censured the excessive amount of advertisements on Tehran’s Bus Rapid Transit fleet.

Nahid Khodakarami says, “The current bus advertisings go far beyond policies and guidelines,” local automotive website Asbe Bokhar reported.

According to the guidelines issued by the High Council for Coordination of Urban Traffic, city transport buses can carry advertisements but with certain restrictions.

“The advertisements can be posted on the outside of the buses. This does not include the front view and windows,” says the rule of the council.

No ad should block the view of the driver and the commuters.

For years the public buses are crisscrossing the metropolitan almost totally covered with ads that do not leave a single peephole for passengers to see what goes around out or to see the arrival of their destination and get ready to disembark.

Khodakarami is of the opinion that in addition to giving an ugly appearance to the overcrowded city, the excessive posting of advertisements on the outside of the buses has become a nuisance to most commuters who have demanded that the municipality and its urban planners and all those concerned change the ad policy.

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