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Haval Delivered With Delay

Haval Delivered With DelayHaval Delivered With Delay

Chinese SUV brand Haval, which was supposed to enter the Iranian auto market in 2016, has finally been delivered.

Haval is a Chinese automotive brand owned by Great Wall Motors. The sub-brand was launched in March 2013.

Azim Khodro, a local auto brokerage group, started the presale of four models of the brand in January 2016 promising customers a 3-4 month delivery, reported this week.

The company, introducing itself as the official representative of the Chinese carmaker lured many people by offering tempting incentives such as 7-year guarantee and a 2-year special after-sale-services plus discounts for four models of Haval, namely, H2, H6, H8, and H9.

However, according to the contract papers reviewed by the automotive news website, the promised guarantees have been manipulated decreasing seven years to five and also removing the 2-year golden guarantee card.

The company announced the price of the massive H9 SUV at 2.4 billion rials ($63,157). However, Azim offered a special ‘early bird’ discount of 18% retailing the car for 1.96 billion rials ($51,789).

The discounter theme continued through the range of models with the H8 SUV offered with 22% discount at 1.5 billion rials.

The H6 and H2 were sold at 984 million rials ($25,894) and 693 million rials ($18,236) with 18% and 25% discounts respectively.

Financial Tribune contacted the firm to see if any of the models available. A  representative said none of Azim showrooms have Haval models.  

Haval cars have faced several barriers arriving in the country, as the vehicles were first handed to buyers in April, but were not given registration plates.

The cars were finally given permission to buy license plates last week after customers complained of poor service.

Despite the failure of the Haval brand, Azim has moved ahead with another car, albeit this time being built by partner Zagros Khodro in Lorestan.

Called Foton Sauvana (not to be confused with the Foton Savanna), the car is reportedly produced by Azim Khodro, making it the firm’s first move beyond vehicle brokerage.



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