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Bus Companies Halt Production

Bus Companies Halt ProductionBus Companies Halt Production

Latest data shows production of city buses is decreasing significantly as several production lines have stopped dead in their tracks. According to the report released by the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, four models decreased to zero output during the past fourth months (June-July), local automotive website Khodro Nevis reported. Production of two models, namely the low-floor Megatrans bus and O457, by Iran Khodro Diesel, a heavy goods vehicle producer and subsidiary of Iran Khodro Company, has come to a halt.  The company was unavailable for comment. Yavaran Khodro Shargh, an Iranian company importing and assembling MAN buses, is also not producing its MAN R07 model. Last year six units of the model rolled out of the production line. Akia Duich, another domestic bus manufacturer, has not produced a single model of its Chinese Higer bus in the past four months. During the similar period last year, 40 units of the same model were produced.


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