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Iran Khodro Launches

Iran Khodro Launches esale.ikco.irIran Khodro Launches

Leading car producer, Iran Khodro, has launched a new version of its car buying portal after the previous site went offline in recent weeks.

The new site called allows users to buy directly from the car producer’s website, according to local site Donyaye Khodro.

IKCO said in a press release that due to the new agreement with Peugeot, as part of a joint venture called IKAP, car buyers henceforth will be directed to this site.

In the past buyers had to go to another site, which was outside the direct domain of IKCO called No reason was given for the sudden change.

The new site lists the usual IKCO vehicles, including the Samand, Peugeot 405, 206, 207 and other vehicles.

Absent from the new website is the locally produced 2008 model, which still has no final price after months of promotion about the French crossover.  

Online purchases is the main form of buying vehicles from the two biggest carmakers, IKCO and SAIPA, as the waiting period for delivery of  cars can be months in some cases.

The second-hand and imported car markets are now mostly based online with websites like being the most popular website people go to check prices.



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