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Chinese Electric Cabs for Amsterdam

China’s Geely is hoping for big sales with the new all-electric black cab.China’s Geely is hoping for big sales with the new all-electric black cab.

Amsterdam, not London, will be the first city to get Geely’s new electric black cabs after the firm that supplies cabs to the city agreed to buy 225 of the vehicles as part of the push to clean the tourist hotspot streets.

The Dutch capital will receive the all-electric cabs as part of a first delivery from Geely’s factory in Coventry, England, as part of Rotterdam Mobility Center’s deal with the firm, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.

London Taxi Company, Geely’s subsidiary will be renamed London EV Company following a $419 million reinvestment by the Chinese firm that hopes to tap into the growing market for all-electric vehicle fleets.

The cab’s trademark interior suits the narrow streets of Amsterdam as well as requirements for wheelchair users, said Albert Donlou, director of services at RMC, in an interview.

The sale to the Dutch city marks a new phase for the British-Chinese joint firm following years of investment in the electric vehicle market by the Chinese parent company.

Bloomberg previously reported in 2016 that LTC had begun selling gasoline-powered cabs to Iran’s Free Trade Zone island of Kish. However, those cabs have not arrived in the Iranian capital Tehran yet.

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