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Cadillac Limousine Seen in Tehran

Cadillac Limousine Seen in TehranCadillac Limousine Seen in Tehran

An Armenian licensed Cadillac Limousine was spotted by Financial Tribune in central Tehran, in a rare sign of American cars making a comeback. Cadillac used to be produced in Iran before the 1979 Islamic Revolution in a joint venture that produced several thousand vehicles. However, since then, no new US-derived cars were permitted into Iran. The limousine version of the car had never previously entered Iran, but the cars are quite common in other regional countries for big events like weddings and parties. Iranian regulations are stricter when it comes to the entry of foreign license plate cars, which must leave the country within three months, otherwise the vehicle is impounded. There are a few Cadillacs now in Iran, remnants of the pre-1979 revolution, and cost around 170 million rials ($4,500) today in the second-hand market. Sites like and list hundreds of models, some with breathtaking price tags – others considerably cheaper.

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