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Iran Khodro Diesel Pickup Upgraded

Iran Khodro Diesel Pickup UpgradedIran Khodro Diesel Pickup Upgraded

Iran’s largest auto producer Iran Khodro has launched a new version of its Diesel Tunland off-road pickup truck this week with improved technology, according to the IKCO press website.

Tunland is derived from a deal between IKCO and China’s Foton which sells a close copy of the Toyota Hilux pickup truck in several markets including Australia and New Zealand.  

Based on the latest report by Iran Standards & Quality Inspection Company (ISQI), the Tunland is now the best quality pickup assembled in the country.

The truck comes with a Cummins 2800 liter engine with a 174 horsepower, for extra drag potential for farming needs. It also has enough potential to pull a horsebox, according to New Zealand car magazines which have reviewed the vehicle.

Similar to several partnership deals with foreign firms, Tunland is assembled in Iran Khodro’s own factories.

According to IKCO, changes to the latest version include a larger interior, improved trim throughout, with the engine now meeting Euro5 emissions standards.

The 4WD enjoys an independent chassis, firmer body and Borgwarner auxiliary gearbox, all of which allow a safe and untroubled commute through rugged terrain. According to, a local price listing website, the Tunland model costs 920 million rials ($24,000).

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