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New Four-Door Capra Pickup Launched in Iran

The cost of the new Capra 2 is 723 million rials (€18,000). The cost of the new Capra 2 is 723 million rials (€18,000).

Bahman Khodro, the producer of Chinese and South Korean branded cars has launched the latest version of its off-road pickup called the Capra 2 with an updated set of features.

The previous Capra two-door model was one of the best selling utility vehicles in the Iranian market in recent years, according to auto website Persian Khodro on May 7.

The new Capra 2 comes with a navigation system, 7-inch touch screen, LED lights, as well as larger interior cabin space. It has a 2.4 liter gasoline ‘Mitsubishi’ engine with 127 horsepower.

The cost of the new vehicle is 723 million rials (€18,000) according to online sales website

Capra 2 in other markets is called the ZX Auto Grand Tiger, and is sold as far afield as New Zealand, Libya and Malaysia.

Iran’s off-road pickup market remains limited to orders from rural communities and state institutions which need to drive on rugged terrain.

Morratab Khodro was previously the biggest competitor to the Capra models with its Pazhan double-cab pickup. However, that company has ceased producing the vehicle.

Other large pickups produced in Iran include Iran Khodro’s Arisun (based on the Peugeot 405 platform) as well as SAIPA 151 (based on the Pride platform.)

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