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Peugeot Launches Online Showroom in Britain

Peugeot Launches Online Showroom in BritainPeugeot Launches Online Showroom in Britain

Peugeot in the UK has launched an online buying site for all their models – Order Online by Peugeot – with everything from part exchange to finance.

“Order Online by Peugeot” promises to be user-friendly and easy to navigate and, says Peugeot, is the first time “Every step in the buying process can be completed in one place online, in one sitting,” Cars UK reported Monday. 

The whole process is very straightforward, and anyone who has ever bought anything online is not going to find it at all challenging, with fixed prices and an intuitive interface.

Helpfully, users can set up a private account so they can go through the bits of the process they want and save them, go away and have another think, and then go back and complete the process.

Just like the Hyundai’s novel online ordering system, users can do everything on the Peugeot site from finance to part exchange, and have the car delivered. 

Peugeot’s UK managing director, David Peel, said: “The launch of our e-commerce system represents a huge step change for the UK automotive industry.” He also said, “The retail landscape, in general, has changed immeasurably over the last few years and we are not only proud to be the first car manufacturer to offer customers a truly end-to-end experience.”

It is a very sensible route to go for Peugeot, and a move – following Hyundai’s lead – which will inevitably see the traditional dealer networks becoming irrelevant as sales outlets, and turn instead into service centers.


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