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Iran Expands Sale of CNG Kits for Two-Wheelers in India

Iran Expands Sale of CNG Kits for Two-Wheelers in IndiaIran Expands Sale of CNG Kits for Two-Wheelers in India

An Iranian firm is selling its latest CNG kit for the two-wheeler vehicles in the Indian city of Surat.  Officials from ITUK Manufacturing India Limited, a subsidiary of TUK Manufacturing based out of Tehran, were in the diamond city to launch the CNG kit for two-wheelers at the Gujarat Gas Company Limited’s (GGCL) CNG filling station at Pal on December 16.

Company officials stated that Surat, in particular, has the highest penetration of CNG-powered vehicles in the state of Gujarat. Apart from savings from CNG, there is an enormous impact on the environment as scooter segment comprises nearly 17% of the total vehicle population of Surat and 23% of the total two-wheelers.

Every year more than 25,000 new bikes are purchased by the residents in the city, and this number would be exponentially higher in the state of Gujarat, according to Times of India’s ET Auto.

ITUK has its manufacturing plant in Tehran, as well as a center in Pune in India’s Maharashtra state, which manufactures all parts indigenously including the regulators, valves, mixers, seat, and frames.

“Recently, ITUK has received Automotive Research Agency of India approvals for 22 scooter models. A CNG fuelled 2-wheeler accommodates 1.5 kgs of CNG per refill and runs more than 120 km, giving a mileage of 80 km per kg of CNG,” said the director of ITUK manufacturing India, Sriram Bhat.

Already in India, several car brands offer variations of their models in CNG, including Maruti Suzuki and Tata vehicles. Like Iran, due to the heavy volume of vehicles on the road, state-level decisions in India have forced automotive companies to lower a number of emissions their vehicles produce.

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