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New Chinese Sedan Expected by April

New Chinese Sedan Expected by AprilNew Chinese Sedan Expected by April

BYD, under the local dealership of Kermania, will launch their all-new F3 car model by April, according to a new report from a local automotive website.

BYD’s “F3 New” is the latest variant of the series launched in 2008. The updated model was released in China in 2015 and other markets this year, a local automotive website Asbe Bokhar reported.

At first glance, this Chinese-built car looks like a mashup of a Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla with hints of other brands, but overall reports from other markets admit that the build of the car is of decent quality.

It also scores well in Euro-NCAP crash tests by receiving 4 stars.

The F3 is powered by a 1.6-liter Mitsubishi-sourced engine, mated to a 5-speed manual Mitsubishi gearbox. Its interior is a replica of a last-generation Toyota Corolla, but with softer surfaces.

Available features, standard or optional, include 15-inch wheels, leather upholstery, dual front airbags, sunroof, manual air-conditioning, CD player, remote keyless entry, fake wood trim, height-adjustable steering wheel, power windows and ABS brakes.

Another car by BYD in Iran is the S6 SUV model that was released on the market at 920 million rials ($26,000), whereas the price of the car is half that in other markets.

Unlike the S6, BYD will send the F3 to Iran in complete knocked-down kits that will be assembled in Kerman Province and thus have a lower final price than the S6.

Orders for the F3 will begin in the next four weeks, with the delivery of new cars expected after April 2017.

The model is sold at some 50,000 yuan ($7258) in the Chinese market. And considering the previous models, local prices in Iran are expected to be about $15,000.

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