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Tesla Claims Autopilot Record

Tesla Claims Autopilot RecordTesla Claims Autopilot Record

As new vehicles are coming off the assembly in Fremont right now, Tesla is making the transition from its first generation Autopilot hardware to its second generation device to gradually enable level three and four autonomous driving.

This will eventually complete its self-driving capability, Elektrek reported.

According to Tesla, it has now accumulated 1.3 billion miles of Autopilot data from its first generation sensor suite and “nearly all of it” is useful to the second generation Autopilot.

Tesla’s fleet reached 3 billion miles driven and confirmed that 1.3 billion of those miles were powered by its vehicles with Autopilot hardware.

Those are not miles driven on Autopilot (with Autosteer and TACC), but miles were driven in cars with Autopilot first generation device.

Tesla still uses the data even when the Autopilot is not active to feed its machine learning system and improve its Autopilot programs: Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability.

The actual number of miles driven with the Autopilot active is closer to 300 million miles at this point.

In comparison, Tesla disclosed that it accumulated 780 million miles driven on hardware-equipped cars and around 100 million with Autopilot active back in May 2016.

In less than six months, it increased the total number of miles with hardware by over 60% and roughly tripled the number of miles with Autopilot active.

The Autopilot first generation fleet is now over 100,000 vehicles strong and while Tesla is now transitioning to its second generation hardware, the development process remains mostly the same.

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