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Moscow Unveils 1st Autonomous Bus

Moscow Unveils 1st Autonomous BusMoscow Unveils 1st Autonomous Bus

Moscow’s Skolkovo Innovation Center has unveiled Russia’s first unmanned “ElektroAutobus” called the Matreska, which is designed to carry up to eight passengers.

The country is surprisingly ahead of the game in the race for future transport systems with Russian President Vladmir Putin previously announcing his interest in funding Elon Musk’s inter-continental Hyperloop train, reported.

The bus, which was revealed the other week in a press conference in the Russian capital, is equipped with a computer control and self-learning software. Special cameras and sensors on board allow the bus to work in moving traffic in a real-time situation.

On full charge, the bus is able to travel 130 km, while limited to 30 km/h.

It was previously reported that the bus will be tested in October of this year in a closed track at the Skolvoko testing area on the outskirts of Moscow.

The company intends to produce the new form of transport in the Vladimir region at the country’s Volgabus factory.

The company did not state how many will be produced in 2017, but expect an incremental increase in the number of units produced.


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