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C-Elysee, Peugeot 301 Get Chinese Facelift

C-Elysee, Peugeot 301 Get Chinese FaceliftC-Elysee, Peugeot 301 Get Chinese Facelift

Citroen’s C-Elysee sedan and its carbon-copy Peugeot 301 have both received a facelift for 2017. According to Car News China, the new models, which are expected to arrive in the Iranian market in Q4 2017, are both low-cost sedans targeted at emerging economies in Asia and Africa. Both new vehicles have updated grills and front-lights, which now follow the company’s new design culture for 2017-18. The face-lifted versions will debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show this month and will be released in the Chinese market shortly after. This 301 debuted in 2013 and is the cheapest sedan in Peugeot’s China lineup. The list price starts at 95,700 yuan ($14,000) and ends at 119,700 yuan ($17,000). The only produced engine is a 1.6 with 117hp, mated to a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. In comparison, the C-Elysee, which also debuted in 2013, starts at 83,800 yuan ($12,393) and ends at 120,800 yuan ($17,800). The car shares the same engine as the Citroën. The estimated cost in Iran, if they do launch in the country, is likely to be 30% higher than that in China, taking local auto parts into consideration.


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