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Iranians to Receive 2 SEATs

Iranians to Receive 2 SEATs
Iranians to Receive 2 SEATs

Spanish-based SEAT, which is a subsidiary of Germany’s Volkswagen, arrived in Iran with two models of a medium family-sized car, the Leon, on Oct. 24.

The model, which is seen as a rival to Volkswagen’s Golf, is estimated to take a slice of the semi-luxury hatchback market in the country.

Keyhan Motor Aryan, the self-proclaimed official representative of SEAT, launched the presale of the car in two models, one with a 1.8-liter Audi-derived engine and another with a 1.4-liter VW engine.

Amir Attar-Nejad, the head of the company’s public relations, told Financial Tribune that the presold models will be delivered before the end of the current Iranian year (ending March 20).

According to the company official, the 1.8-liter Leon is priced at $41,000 (1.43 billion rials at market exchange rate) and the 1.4-liter model at $35,000 (1.2 billion rials). This is while the same model is priced at $25,000 (875 million rials) in the EU.

The company has two sales and after-sales service offices in Tehran and is planning to open three other offices in other Iranian cities.

Based on the same platform as the Mark-7 VW Golf and the new Audi A3, Leon boasts 17-inch alloy wheels, lowered sports suspension and styling kits aimed at attracting gasoline-heads.

Right now, Leon is the fastest SEAT in showrooms, at least until Leon Cupra arrives in March. As opposed to its main rival, VW’s Golf, Leon offers either a torsion-bean rear axle or a more sophisticated multi-link setup.

The 184 hp engine emits 112 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer (combined), with fuel consumption coming in at just 4.3L/100 km or 54.7 mpg in Imperial measurements.

In a contemporary move, KMA will allow all customers to test-drive their vehicles before purchase, a trend recently started by MVM and Chery.

Although the company official did not give exact numbers, he did state that the KMA intends to import “a few thousand Leons”.

The company also stated that it intends to import the recently launched Ateca crossover model by Q2 2017.

According to Attar-Nejad, the presale of the model will be launched in March.

The price for the Ateca model is yet to be determined but Financial Tribune estimates it to be at $35,000 (1.22 billion rials).

Ateca breaks new ground for SEAT, because the Spanish brand has never previously built SUVs.

There are five options, ranging from a turbocharged 1.0-liter gasoline with 114 bhp, right up to a 2.0-liter diesel with 187 bhp. The company did not state what they would be bringing to Iran.


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