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Electric Vehicle for Tourists

Electric Vehicle for TouristsElectric Vehicle for Tourists

The mayor of Yazd has unveiled a new all-electric vehicle for tourists visiting the historic location. Yazd is a city in Iran’s central province of the same name. The city is famous for being the largest adobe city in the world as well as playing host to several unique historical sites like Amir Chakhmaq Complex and Zoroastrian Fire Temple. According to ISNA, Mohammad Reza Azimizadeh said Yazd Municipality has dedicated the EV to local and foreign visitors. “The municipality is aiming to decrease air pollution by employing green vehicles and encouraging alternative transportation methods,” he said. Azimzadeh named zero air and noise pollution as the main advantage of using EVs. “The EV can be powered by solar panels or charged at home,” he said. Yazd’s infrastructure like in many historical cities across the world is unable to cope with modern forms of transport and several areas around the city have been demolished for road widening projects.


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