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Hybrids, EVs and Handmade Cars at Tabriz Auto Fair

A highlight at the Tabriz auto fair was the PGO classic handmade cars that were displayed for the first time. A highlight at the Tabriz auto fair was the PGO classic handmade cars that were displayed for the first time.

The 20th edition of Tabriz Automobile Industry and Spare Parts Trade Fair was held in the Iranian province of East Azarbaijan.

Representatives of several local and foreign firms took part in the four-day event that ended on October 1, Asre Khodro reported.  

The country’s largest car manufacturer, Iran Khodro Company, unveiled three models, namely the face-lifted Tondar 90 (Dacia Logan), Peugeot 207i and DongFeng S30 Cross. The latter is expected to be used in taxi fleets.

According to Persian Khodro, a local automotive website, the car is to be priced at 453 million rials ($13,000).

IKCO announced that it currently has no plans to mass-produce the new Tondar 90 (Dacia Logan) and has presented the model to collect feedback.

 Hybrids and EVs

An automotive firm named Pakro, which specializes in the import of hybrids, unveiled a hybrid Hyundai Sonata that will be sold for 1.7 billion rials ($50,000).

Previously, a number of Toyota Camry hybrids had made their way to Iran and are currently used in taxi fleets. The biggest issue with these cars, however, is the lack of adequate after-sales services and poor technical knowledge of repair shops.

A company named Datis Khodro has set out to make improvements in this area. To complete the supply chain for hybrids, it announced plans to set up the first specialized repairs and after-sales service center of hybrids in Iran, which will be on par with international standards.

Technicians lined up to work at the center have undergone training courses in Canada, Japan and European countries, which possess high technical expertise in this area.

Another local automotive firm named Karmania unveiled the only all-electric at the show: the BYD e6.

Although the needed infrastructures for all-electric cars, such as charging stations, are still not in place, Karmania has claimed that it is ready to venture into this area.   

 MG Pars  

MG Pars also unveiled the MG 360 and announced that a production line has been set up for this model in Iran. The production of the new car will begin in a matter of weeks and shall be mass produced and sold in winter.

The car will be priced 700 million rials ($20,000), though MG Pars hopes to sell the local-made models for prices much lower than their imported versions.  The company also plans to assemble the crossover RX5 in Iran, which will be priced under 1.3 billion rials ($37,000). This car is sold under the SAIC brand in certain markets and shares many features with the MG GS.

 PGO Classics

Another highlight at the Tabriz auto show was the PGO classic handmade cars that were displayed for the first time.

PGO Automobiles is a French car manufacturer that produces exclusive series of sports cars.

The cars available for sale at the show were priced at 4 billion rials ($115,000).

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