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Scania Trucks to Target Iran

Scania Trucks  to Target IranScania Trucks  to Target Iran

Iran is one of the three major target markets of Scania, the Swedish truck giant.

According to Tobias Segerstad, head of Iran department of Scania, the country is a strategic focus market for the company in the short to medium term. He said Oghab Afshan, one of Scania’s partners in Iran has been growing exponentially during the last few years and added: “The company has been producing buses which comply with international standards,” reported ILNA. Scania’s annual sales potential in Iran is estimated to be in the range of some 5,000 trucks through Mammut Diesel and more than 1,000 buses through Oghab Afshan. Scania has been collaborating with Oghab Afshan for 16 years.

According to the official website of Scania, Iran is a fast emerging market and the company “has an extra focus on the service sales and retail development to push sales.”