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VW Gives Sneak Peek at Electric Vehicle

VW Gives Sneak Peek at Electric VehicleVW Gives Sneak Peek at Electric Vehicle

Volkswagen has released photos of a new electric car they plan to display at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

The company has become born-again electric car enthusiasts since dieselgate and plans to attack the market with a significant number of electric cars in the next few years.

We’ve already seen the Porsche Mission E electric supercar and the Audi Q6 EV is also on the way, but heading for the Paris Motor Show later this month is a new electric car that VW thinks will be the next Beetle.

In the press release to accompany these photos, pretty much all VW has to say is that this electric car is on the way. Fortunately, we do know a bit more.

Using VW’s new modular electrification kit, the EV will be Golf/Focus in size but, thanks to better packaging, offer interior space from the sector above.

Construction will be traditional and, as you would expect, the new EV will come complete with all the connectivity you could want (and probably far more than you’d ever need).

It’s said VW is aiming for a range of 250 miles plus and a charging time of minutes rather than hours. This sounds a complete game changer, although we’re not entirely sure existing technology could offer that combination and certainly not at the Golf/Focus price point.

Still, this VW Electric Concept previews a production car not likely to actually hit the roads until 2019, so there’s time for technology to catch up with its objectives.